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What to Look at During an Open House
By: Rachel Quinn

Open houses, when you think about it – it’s kind of like a speed date with you and your potential home. You’re nervous and ready to see if it’s the right match for you. Here are some things you might not think to look at during the open house.


Before or after the open house, take a drive around the neighborhood. Are the homes cared for? What kind of stores are nearby? This tour will help you decide if this exact location is right for you. Maybe the block that the potential home …

How Do You Know You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home?

Buying a house is a big milestone, but how do you know when you’re ready to take that step?  Here are seven questions to ask yourself before beginning the home buying process.

Do I Have a Stable Job?

This may be a given, but changing jobs right before or in the middle of the home buying process can be a nightmare. If you plan to purchase the home with someone else, the same goes for them. It’s best to be a steady job for at least six months before beginning the mortgage process.

Do I Really Understand My Budget?

You …

Grab Your Toolbox and Some Lemonade – it’s Time for Summer Projects!

While summer is a great time to kick back and relax in your hammock or lawn chair, it’s also an ideal time to knock out some home improvement projects! If you’re thinking about selling your home this fall, here are some updates you can do now to freshen up the house and make it even more appealing to buyers:

Replace storm doors. In Michigan, we get both the humid weather and crazy thunderstorms. Why not install new storm doors? They’ll add an element of style to your home, while letting in light and protecting your home from the elements.
Give the …

Common Homeowner’s Insurance Mistakes that Could Cost You
By: Rachel Quinn

Homeowner’s insurance covers so much more than just your home. The right homeowner’s insurance policy can provide you with peace of mind and confidence that your family and home are protected. Whether you’re buying insurance for your new home or have had your policy for years, be aware of these seven costly mistakes.

Only Looking at the Price – Insurance shouldn’t just come down to your monthly price. Trust us, you don’t want to learn this lesson on your own. Low monthly prices might be nice now but does it really protect you and …

Get a Fresh Start With Michigan First Mortgage

Springtime typically means flowers start blooming and the grass turns green again, hooray! For some people, it’s also a popular season to start looking for a new home. This allows a fair amount of time to hopefully find a new house, move in, and get settled before a new school year starts for children, or before the cold weather returns.

If your family has outgrown your current home or you’re looking to buy for the first time, Michigan First Mortgage can help! Although mortgage rates have gone up, they’re still considered low, and home ownership is still affordable for most people. …

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