4 Ideas for Summer Home Improvement Projects

Couple painting wall

Some view summer as a time for relaxation and kicking back. Others see it as a time to get stuff done. If you’re looking around your house wondering which projects to tackle, we’ve got some suggestions for summer home improvement projects that will add value to your home and keep you moving!

Replace storm doors. In Michigan, we get both the humid weather and crazy thunderstorms. Why not install new storm doors? They’ll add an element of style to your home, while letting in light and protecting your home from the elements.

Give the backyard a facelift. Freshen up your patio furniture, add some new landscaping details, buy or build a fire pit – all can make your backyard the neighborhood destination! Plus, these projects will keep you outside in the nice weather.

Paint. Whether it’s inside or out, a fresh coat of paint can spruce up your home instantly. Painting an indoor room is a great project for a rainy weekend!

Install energy efficient windows. If you’ve noticed your electric bill explodes every summer because of the air conditioning, consider replacing old windows with new energy-efficient models. Not only will new windows update the look of your house, they’ll save you money over time – win-win!