5 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

House for sale

Selling your home is always dependent on the market. Here are five things to avoid when selling your home.

Selling Your House On Your Own – Prepared?
The main reason homeowners consider this route is to save on commission costs. While the savings can be enticing, the trade-off is the time and knowledge you’ll need to complete all the items a realtor does. With resources, time, experience, knowledge and tools, realtors can get your home sold quickly.

Poor Quality Listing Photos
Over 85% of home seekers begin their search online. This means the listing photos are going to provide the first impression to the majority of prospective buyers. Photos should be high quality, clear and have good lighting to showcase as much of the room as possible. Be sure to include key rooms like the kitchen and dining areas, living and family rooms – and don’t forget the backyard! These are the areas of the home where it’s easiest for buyers to imagine themselves in it.

Mispricing Your Home
Even when the market is on the rise, you’ll still need to be competitive when pricing your home. If you price the home too high, it has the potential to become a stale listing that sits on the market for weeks or even months. It’s best to know your competition and set the right price.

Overlooking Repairs Before the Sale
Making repairs like leaky faucets, broken door handles and applying a fresh coat of paint to walls and ceilings will help you to get the most money for your house. When repairs are overlooked, buyers will offer less or may not make an offer on your home.

When a buyer is viewing a home, they often look at everything, including the contents of the home. If the home is cluttered with knick-knacks covering the kitchen counters or boxes stacked in rooms, it will make the rooms look smaller and counter space feel minimal. By de-cluttering your home (including the closets), you’ll visually make everything feel more spacious. It also helps buyers picture what the house will look like with their belongings.

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