5 Tips for Budget-Friendly Landscaping

Father and son planting a tree

Yard work, whether you’re just maintaining what’s already there or starting from scratch, can be a daunting task – and not very friendly to your wallet, either. If you don’t have much money to spare, but really need to spruce things up, we’ve got some advice for budget-friendly landscaping!

Set a maximum budget and select 5 must-dos. Is your lawn in desperate need of re-seeding? Are those bushes way past their prime and need to be replaced? What about those flower boxes under the front windows? Are you planting vegetables this year? Keeping your scope small can help prioritize your funds (and make follow-through easier!)

Improve your existing landscaping. You’d be surprised at how just a trim here and there, fresh mulch or a good weeding can transform a lawn. Pull out old, dead bushes and replace them with hardy perennials.

Make the most of your plant choices. Boxwood hedges are great for clean, simple lines. Some variations of rose bushes are gorgeous and require very little maintenance. Consider perennials (which come back each year) over pricey annuals which require a lot of time and money. And ask your green-thumbed friends if they have any extra seedlings to give you – and share the ones you have, too!

Buy younger. Mature plants in large pots can cost considerably more than their “younger” counterparts.

Research, research, research! Some plants may seem perfect, but require a ton of high-maintenance care that you might not have time for. Make sure your flowerbeds get the right amount of sunlight – nothing is more frustrating than discovering your beautiful bed of forget-me-nots wilted from too much shade! Tailor your landscaping to your skill and level of commitment.

You can create a great looking yard on a budget – it just might take a little more work and planning.