Home Organization Tips

By Kristian Jorgensen, Mortgage Loan Officer

A little bit of organization can go a long way to maintain stability and peace in a household. While organizing your entire house can be an overwhelming undertaking, with a good plan and some great tips, the execution can be smooth and efficient.

Getting Started

  • Set aside time to complete your organization project. Writing down a schedule helps keep you on track to meet your goals.
  • Focus on certain areas that will have the biggest impact and list them based on priority. Maybe a high traffic area like the kitchen, an office where you work from home, an entryway or even a garage that has become a storage space. Think of the areas you use all the time or the ones you wish you did.

Get Organized

  • Start with a clean slate. Remove everything from the area you’re working on so nothing can be overlooked or left behind.
  • Sort through the items as you remove them and start a donation box (or many). Try to think realistically about what you need and what you can live without.
  • Everything gets a place. Take the items that remain in the area and give them a designated spot. This is where you will want containers, baskets, shelves, labels, and anything else that will keep you organized in the future. Consider clear containers so you can easily see the contents inside. Try to buy the same brand for all the containers so they stack well.
  • Utilize as much vertical space as possible by installing hooks and wall shelves.
  • Move items to the place that makes the most sense. For example, a drill you received as a gift and was tucked away in the hall closet should go in the toolbox.
  • Color code containers with labels (green for holidays, red for sewing supplies, yellow for miscellaneous, etc.).

What You’ll Need

  • Label maker or a marker
  • Matching bins/baskets/containers

Each time you complete an area of the house you’ll certainly feel satisfaction. The important part is to then keep things organized (which will be much easier now). A trick for this is the Eight-Minute Rule – set a timer on your phone for eight minutes, then put away as many things as you can in a given space. Do this every day and you’ll keep the house organized and develop a great habit.

Happy organizing!