Listing Techniques that Help Sell Homes

By Ryan Mennemeier, Mortgage Loan Officer

At some point, we have all read an online listing for a home or property. Think about the last time you checked out a property online and just wished you could conduct a walkthrough right after reading the listing. What was it about that particular listing that grabbed your attention over the others? Aside from pictures (which make a difference as well), here are some key factors that will stand out and help a listing appeal to buyers.

Use Your Vocabulary

There are many words that can be used to increase the effectiveness of an online listing. Using vocabulary that is different and eye-catching, such as luxurious, captivating, or impeccable, will give the listing an emphasis and edge over others. By experimenting with new vocabulary and adjectives it will add flavor to a listing and help the buyer see the property for everything that it is.

Paint a Picture

The goal with the property listing is to attract as much attention as possible in order to find a suitable buyer. Simply putting general information about the home in the listing isn’t going to help as much as a specific detail that separates it from other homes in the area. The listing should paint a clear picture of what the house represents – as if you were reading the listing from the front porch yourself. Details such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms aren’t as relevant (though still important) as any unique features the home may possess. Remember that listings have description limits, so you will need to be brief and direct with your wording.

If a listing includes unique features and creative vocabulary in the description, then it will stand out amongst other listings in the area and is a solid way to lock in a sale.