What to Look at During an Open House


Open House

Open houses, when you think about it – it’s kind of like a speed date with you and your potential home. You’re nervous and ready to see if it’s the right match for you. Here are some things you to look at during the open house:


Before or after the open house, take a drive around the neighborhood. Are the homes cared for? What kind of stores are nearby? This tour will help you decide if this exact location is right for you. Maybe the block that the potential home is on is amazing but the surrounding area isn’t quite up to par. It’s important to take note of this early to help you make your decision.


The same thing goes for the neighbors. The people to live around the home could one day be your neighbors. If you can, walk around the block and even try to strike up a conversation with them.

The Sign-In Sheet

If the realtor has a sign-in sheet, take note. Are there just a few names or have many people already looked at this property? The sign-in sheet can give you a rough idea of how much competition you have when making an offer on a home.

Storage/Closet Space

Buying a home without enough storage is one of the biggest regrets of homeowners. When walking through the home, open up closets and take note both of their size and their location.

Water Pressure

Ask the realtor first but if you can, test the water pressure. Low water pressure means disappointing showers but could also signal larger corrosion or plumbing issues.

Foundation Cracks

Look up. Are there cracks on the ceiling or on the walls? These cracks most often are not just bad design choices, they signal issues with the structure or foundation. Be sure to make a note or this or talk to the realtor after the open house.

Home Systems (HVAC/Water Heater)

Be sure to get a glance at the home’s systems including but not limited to the HVAC and water heater. While the inspector will take a closer look if you make an offer, it’s still good to check them out with your own eyes.

Attending open houses can be stressful and exhausting. To ease some of stress, make a list of all of the things to check out or learn about the house.


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