The 6 Homes You Meet When House Hunting

House hunting…not quite as easy as they make it out to be on TV. Finding your perfect house can take patience and open house after open house. When looking for a home, here are the six types of homes you’ll find.

The Fixer-Upper
This is the home that makes you say things like “we could fix this ourselves,” when you’re not handy at all. It is a good deal, but can you update everything by the time you move in?

The Overpriced Dream
This is the house that has everything you have ever dreamed of. It’s perfect, except for that price tag. You might be able to negotiate, but odds are this home has taught you the hard lesson of compromise.

The Tiny Wonder
This is the home that makes you question if you really need all of that extra square footage. While it doesn’t not have a walk-in-closet, it feels like it has everything you need. However, you find yourself wondering if you will outgrow this home.

Right House, Wrong Location
This is the home that you wish you could pick up and change its location. The house is great, but its location, not so much. Is that extra commute really worth it?

The Wild Card
This is the home that you never wanted to see but you humor your significant other or realtor. This home isn’t your desired style or doesn’t have that much needed basement. When you walk in, it’s really nice. You could see yourself living here.

Too Good to Be True
This is the house that checks all of the boxes AND is in budget. This is the home that feels too good to be true. You are ready to make an offer, but something doesn’t feel right.

Everyone’s perfect house will be different. Maybe you’re willing to compromise on square footage or location.