Top Mistakes of Home Buyers

Couple touring a new home

The process of buying a home is one where you need to include your head, as well as your heart. Making impulsive home buying decisions may end up being a poor investment that costs you time, money and frustration down the road. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a repeat buyer, here are some tips to avoid common mistakes:

Don’t Let the Current Decor Alter Perception – Don’t let the paint colors or furniture in a home sway you either way. The current home owners will take their furniture with them, and paint can be easily changed. Look at the structure and layout instead, while picturing yourself in the home to determine if it’s the right fit.

Don’t Skip an Inspection – It doesn’t matter how the home looks on the surface; you need a home inspection when purchasing ANY home. You don’t want to be surprised by issues down the road that may have been deal breakers.

Don’t Rely on Verbal Promises – The only agreements in a real estate transaction are those put in writing. Just because there is an unwritten agreement that you “may” be able to occupy the home before your official closing date, doesn’t mean anyone is obligated to abide by that. Put the important details in your written offer and subsequent contracts and you’ll have better guarantees.

Get Pre-Approved – It’s important to get pre-approved for your mortgage before you actually start shopping for a home. This way you’ll know exactly what you can afford. Michigan First Mortgage can help you get pre-approved in minutes!

Visit the Home More than Once – If you’re able, visit the home a few times and attend with your inspector. Also, make sure you schedule a walk-through before you close or take possession. You never know what condition it will be in when time has elapsed between the initial viewing and the closing date.

Don’t Jump on the First House You Like – Looking at several houses will help you learn what your “must have” priorities are and those items that would be nice. Visiting multiple homes even when you find one you like will help you think with your head, as well as your heart.

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