Using Your Tax Refund for Home Updates

By Alan Crawford, Mortgage Loan Officer

So you are getting money back this year form the IRS? Congratulations! Now what to do with that refund – take a vacation? Pay bills? Save it? Why not spend it on home improvements?

People spend a lot of time in their homes, especially during Michigan winters, so why not make it better? Look around and think about which projects would make the most sense based on the property value return and your comfort level. Don’t forget to look at the outside too. How are those gutters? Do you have peeling paint? Do you have a window that is fogged up or leaks when it rains? Look in your yard. Do you have a deck? Is it old or rotting? Is it time to update the landscaping or fix the driveway?

These are just a few suggestions. Your home is not just a roof over your head, but it is also an investment. Depending on the improvement, you may actually increase the value of your house.

Do you love all things DIY? Many projects can be done with your own two hands, depending on the workload. Remember to stay within your comfort level, never risk your safety, and don’t take on projects that you may not be able to finish. There are also many handymen and women, and home improvement companies that can be considered. If you don’t know any, use social media or website research for reviews, pricing, availability and more. Ask questions and do your research. You will have several options to choose from, but not all will be what you’re looking for.

Just not sure where to start? Take a walk around your neighborhood and see the different things your neighbors have done, and you may have the next great idea.

If you have questions on additional financing for your home improvement projects, contact our team here.