Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring to Buy a Home

House in winter

Michigan winters often make you want to stay at home under the blankets and forget all your worries. However, winter is one of the best times to shop for a home. Here are four reasons why buying a home in the winter is a smart move.

You See How the Home Holds Up in Harsh Weather – Michigan winters can be rough on homes. By shopping when it’s colder out you get to witness the home’s insulation in action. On the tour, it also becomes easier to notice the drafts and test the performance of the window seals.

You Aren’t Blinded by Curb Appeal – By shopping in the winter, you get to see it at its worst. Looking for a home in winter allows you to get a realistic look at each property. The curb appeal is gone which allows you to focus most of your attention on the home itself. You can always ask for photos of the home in other months so there are no surprises when the weather warms.

There is Less Competition – With less competition, home prices are generally lower in the winter time. There may be fewer homes on the market but these sellers are typically motivated to sell and are more open-minded to striking a deal.

You Can Request Winterized Documentation – For those features you can’t see or test, you have the option of requesting they leave money in escrow or asking for winterized documentation. If the money is held in escrow and some outdoor feature such as the pool isn’t working – the previous owners would be responsible for remedying any issues.

If you’re looking for a new home, don’t wait for spring to officially begin!