Winter is Coming: Get the Most From Your Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

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In Michigan, we can get some crazy weather during the colder months, which can lead to home damage. Leaks, floods, ice damage, roof problems from snow accumulation, or even freeze-thaw damage can wreak havoc on your home. If the damage is great enough for you to file an insurance claim, here are a few ways to make sure you’re maximizing the payout you should get with your policy:

Review your policy – thoroughly.

Understand your coverage prior to an emergency, so you’re not scrambling to figure out what’s covered when your roof starts leaking during a big thaw. Sometimes you’ll find you’re underinsured or that something is covered that you never considered.

Take photos and video/document damage.

Capture photos of what your house looks like at its best – before a storm hits. Then, when you take “after” photos, the insurance company can more accurately assess the severity of the damage. You can also hire your own adjuster and prepare a detailed inventory of everything that was damaged, including estimated replacement costs.

Make temporary repairs.

Some damage needs to be remedied right away, such as leaking roofs or broken windows. Otherwise, the insurance company could say you waited too long and your claim could be dismissed. Keep all receipts and documentation, and you should be reimbursed.

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*Average Savings figure is a national average savings number from the previous 12 months of auto, homeowner and packaged policyholders’ savings per customer when compared to the policyholders’ former premiums. Individual premiums and savings will vary.

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